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Recommended book by psychic Barbara Bandel

Anyone who has lost someone dear to them would benefit from reading this book. Even pet owners could gain peace after their beloved pet has crossed the rainbow bridge, as Barbara Bandel describes her interaction with deceased humans and animals. 

Many grieving persons could find comfort in her narrative in which she points out signs that a loved one is near. 

Many individuals did not recognize these signs or symbols, but they now understand that their treasured friends and family are still around them. The theme of the book is peace and inner understanding, and that resonates in every word. The stories will appeal to readers who embrace the spiritual realm. The author and “Ben” guide readers through a series of exercises than can help expand their awareness. Bandel’s words will remain with the reader long after the book is finished and may inspire them to search for a deeper understanding of themselves. My Most Memorable Psychic Readings and Personal Stories would be a suitable gift for anyone who has lost somebody dear to them, for as long as the reader has an open mind the stories in the book will provide comfort. Website:

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Diamond Astrology gives you revolutionary new insights in yourself. The 9 luminaries are catalysts of consciousness and help you to find your unique path, reveal your source wisdom, bring you to your deeper purpose, bring out the magic child in you and unfolds your Soul’s essence. Wake up, expand your box, walk the path only you can walk and follow your star. Simple, playful, crystal-clear … Diamond Astrology helps you to shine as YOU.


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