About Monique Leurink

                        Monique Leurink Astrologer

Monique Leurink is one of the first and most passionate Diamond Astrologers and a leading authority in the world of Diamond Astrology. She has an experience of more than 40 years. She is a teacher, trainer, workshop leader and author. 

In 1992 she was introduced to a new source in the field of astrology – the 9 Metaphysical Luminaries of Diamond Astrology. After a deep study of more than 15 years into this astrology. she now trains astrologers to become certified Diamond Astrologers. She is now at the forefront in her field in combining the Luminaries of Diamond Astrology with the traditional chart. She is the founder of Luna Negra (2005), Academy for Diamond Astrology, that expanded to –Zintobeing Academy – in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. In 2015 she founded Zintobeing – Transition Trainer. With this training the key-concepts of Diamond Astrology have been recasted by her into a comprehensible language without jargon. Now it is practically applicable for everyone who takes an interest. In 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2021 she was invited to give Masterclasses for AstrologyHub and since then the training became an online international English speaking platform that is now called Monique Leurink Diamond Astrology. Diamond Astrology is a most important key that she made practicable in order to reveal and embrace the phases of the Essential Self all to the path of the Inner Diamond. 

Concepts that cover her work are the Essential Self, the Path of the Soul, waking up to cosmic consciousness, healing the Inner Wound, The Soul’s Purpose, The Universal Purpose and the path to the inner Diamond. Concepts that are of major transition to fully present and awakened being. 

Monique’s expertise is fusing the Personality with the Essential Self, based on the individual Diamond Astrology chart. Part of her work is exploring the new field of Diamond Astrology and inventing methods to apply this in the chart in a practical way. She shares the theory and online teachings of Diamond Astrology in a heart-opening way, and offers ground-breaking workshops into the awakening and processes of our Essential Self to liberate our tremendous Creative Force. Diamond Astrology is a unique navigation map on top of the traditional chart and it reveals the personal spiritual path of each individual to become a Conscious Creator. She has the gift to bring clarity, to empower you, to lead you to becoming the Creator of your own life and to guide you in the process of your Essential Self. During sessions she connects with you on the level of your soul and she ‘reads’ you, together with the birth chart as a guide.

Monique lives and works both in the Netherlands, in the Cathar Country of Southern France and in New Zealand. She is Dutch from origin and speaks French, English, Dutch fluently and German half fluently.


"The session was beyond expectation. You are a master to interpret the stars. Diamond Astrology is truly a 5D astrology. I did many readings before, but yours was absolutely the best one I ever had!"

"I am deeply, deeply touched, moved by the reading that I had with you today. It is as if you have turned me upside down so that now my True Self has come to the light. Wow, I feel seen, visible, having come Home. Thank you so much!"

"It was beyond doubt the most compelling, empowering, confirming and informative reading that I have experienced, and from my heart, thank you for your gifts and holding the space to access my essence."   

"What a transformational 90 minutes!" 

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