Diamond Astrology Readings

Here is one of the most valuable lessons that transformed my life:

‘If you feel alone it is not because you are not surrounded with people but

it is because you are not connected with parts of yourself’.

It is my passion to help you connect with yourself.



Monique Leurink Readings

Monique speaks English, French, Dutch fluently, and German half fluently.

She is available via Zoom and Skype for readings and one-on-one tutoring. As a widely experienced expert of Diamond Astrology, Monique provides you with a unique and wider perspective about your own potentialit, the opportunities of your growth and brings you beyond your personality to the unique universal being that you are. 

A reading with Monique utilizes your natal astrology chart intertwined with the luminaries of Diamond Astrology to give you deeper insight into your own potentiality and dynamics in yourself. She helps you to understand past, present and future periods of change in your life and to transform them into valuable investments in your own growth. She unfolds the bigger picture of your Soul’s journey and reveals your Cosmic Identity into detail. She answers questions that you may have. Monique will always be in communication with your heart.

Diamond Astrology Readings

Are you already familiar with the content of your traditional horoscope? And you want to know if there is more to discover about yourself?

The Black Luminaries of Diamond Astrology are a new dimension in astrology and provide a powerful enriching insight into higher layers of your own being. Monique uses the Black Luminaries in combination with your traditional horoscope. The Luminaries of Diamond Astrology as mentioned below act as powerful Catalysts of Consciousness, opening gateways to higher realms of awareness and unlocking hidden parts of your being. Each luminary gives you a wealth of new insights regarding your life's meaning and purpose. 

BLACK MOON - Source Wisdom
PRIAPUS -         from Survival Strategy to Abundance
BLACK SUN -    Source of Cosmic Inspiration 
DIAMOND -        the Universalizing Self
SOUTH NODE - the Soul's Heritage of your past
NORTH NODE - the Call of your Soul

Besides these Luminaries Monique also works with Chiron

New Reading Elements:

1) The Triptych of Purpose

This is an important and unique theme in the individual chart. Combining the North Node, Black Moon and the Diamond gives rise to the Triptych of Purpose, that reveals the combined unique meaning and purpose in your life. Monique describes this theme extensively in her new book 'Diamond Astrology' and she applies it in a personal reading.

2) The Spiritual Navigation Route 

This is the unique Spiritual Navigation Path of your life that only you can go. The Beacons of Purpose on your Spiritual Navigation path are exposed by the 6 Black Luminaries that reveal a specific pattern in your chart, offering you a very personal astrological compass for your own life. This is described in Monique's new book 'Diamond Astrology'. She applies this theme in a personal reading.

3) The Cosmic Birth Channel - your Source Wisdom

This element of the Diamond Astrology chart reveals the Source Wisdom (Black Moon) you are born with. This is one of the most important parts of your chart and is subject to a life process which consists of about ten phases. During her years of practical experience, Monique has become an expert in opening and empowering the Cosmic Birth Channel and in determining in which phase you are of the creation process. She inspires you to make steps to the next phase of the process.

4) The Path of the Conscious Creator - manifesting your Source Wisdom

This is a life process from the Black Moon to Priapus - the Lunar Axis -. This includes the Cosmic Birth Channel. In other words: the awakening and activating of the Conscious Creator in you. Monique discusses the specific details according to the aspects on the Lunar Axis. This part overlaps the element of the Source Wisdom and is put in a larger context of the totality of the Lunar Axis in your chart.

5) The Path of the Hero - grinding your Diamond

This theme covers the life process from the Black Sun to your inner Diamond - the Solar Axis -. A theme that is unique for every person and is extremely current in this time of awakening. Monique discusses the meaning of the Black Sun in your horoscope and the cutting process of your inner Diamond, which involves the rising of the Hero within you. The process is described in detail in her book Diamond Astrology. Monique looks to see if any special aspects of this process emerge and discusses them in relation to the rest of the horoscope.

6) The Call of your Soul

This is the process if the Nodal Axis from the South Node to the North Node: the call of your Soul to grow, which implies to acquire a new ability that will eventually put the contents of your chart in a new perspective. Aspects to the Nodal Axis are discussed to specify this process.

Natal Chart Readings


Diamond Astrology In Your Chart / Basic – 1 hr session

Revealing your Source Wisdom - Your unique Cosmic Birth Channel

€185.00 EUR


Diamond Astrology In Your Chart / Extensive – 1.5 hr session

Revealing your Source Wisdom - Your unique Cosmic Birth Channel

€235.00 EUR


Diamond Astrology In Your Chart / Extensive – 2 Sessions for One Price

If you really want to go deep and want to know all about your Diamond Astrology chart in detail, then one session is not enough. You can book two sessions for one price which take place quite quickly one after the other in consultation with you.

€355.00 EUR




Diamond Astrology in a 1-2 year Forecast - 1 hr session

A forecast of your natal chart for the next 2 years combined with the Luminaries of Diamond Astrology in your chart.

€185.00 EUR


Diamond Astrology Combi Session - 1.5 hr session

Your natal chart with the Luminaries of Diamond Astrology as in the Basic Session combined with important forecast events that will take place in your life within the next two years.

€265.00 EUR


Specialty Readings


Diamond Astrology In Your Relation Chart - 1.5 hr session

The composite chart of you and your partner merging the natal charts and the Luminaries of Diamond Astrology. A beautiful way to find out how Diamond Astrology can enrich your relationship.

€295.00 EUR


Diamond Astrology Business Chart - 1.5 hr session

Required is the date of birth, place and hour that you registered with the Chamber of Commerce. Next to that your own date of birth, place and hour is required too.

€395.00 EUR


"I am deeply, deeply touched, moved by the reading that I had with you today. It is as if you have turned me upside down so that now my True Self has come to the light. Wow, I feel seen, visible, having come Home. Thank you so much!"

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"The session was beyond expectation. You are a master to interpret the stars. Diamond Astrology is truly a 5D astrology. I did many readings before, but yours was absolutely the best one I ever had!"

 "It was beyond doubt the most compelling, empowering, confirming and informative reading that I have experienced, and from my heart, thank you for your gifts and holding the space to access my essence."    

"What a transformational 90 minutes!"