Diamond Astrology Student Network Membership


We are excited you are here!
You are about to become a member of the brand new
Diamond Astrology Student Network
and we'd love to welcome you!

The DA Student Network is exclusively for those who joined the Diamond Astrology training or part of it.

Below is the information you need for the next steps. It is simple and quick:

Whether or not you have the goal to become a practicing or Certified Diamond Astrologer, or if you just want to be part of the Community, we’d LOVE to have your company. Certified DA astrologers will gain referrals for readings from Monique as Diamond Astrology continues to grow. 

Our goals are to bring all Diamond Astrology students together for monthly live Zoom meetings to be in connection, practice, and have continued guidance from Monique.

The Diamond Astrology Student Network also serves as a prep-exam platform, for those who wish to become certified. But also if you do not intend to take the exam, you will have the opportunity to join an international group of passionate students where much information on Diamond Astrology will be exchanged and where you can put your questions and learn to meet your fellow students.

Diamond Astrology Student Network

  • Monthly 1 hour Live Zoom sessions with Monique and the student community. These sessions will be interactive and both driven by content and practicing from Monique and Q&A from the DA Student Community.
    Instructions for submitting your questions are provided upon signing up for the Student Network in the next few steps.
  • You will have access to the monthly recordings of the Diamond Astrology Student Network gatherings from the past calendar year.
  • Upon certification, you have the opportunity to become listed on our website and given network referrals from Monique.
  • Your DA Student Membership is on a monthly basis that can be canceled at any time.
    This also includes the cancelation of the recordings of the Student gatherings.

1 month membership

€10.00 EUR

Yearly membership for DA Student Network

Please use this option to sign up for a year-long membership.

1 year membership

€120.00 EUR