Diamond Astrology Training

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You can begin working with Diamond Astrology after completing Level 1

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How do I become a Diamond Astrologer?

As a student, the Diamond Astrology curriculum is built to move you through 3 levels of training: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The lessons come with an invitation to a Private Diamond Astrology Facebook group where you can share questions and discuss topics with others taking the courses. There will be a live Q&A with Monique for all students every other week starting in March 2021. 


After completing the Advanced courses, students must demonstrate understanding through a brief examination and upon passing, will receive recognition as Certified Diamond Astrologers. Certified practitioners can then become part of the Diamond Astrologer Network and be eligible for referrals to give Diamond Astrology readings to others! Monique Leurink Diamond Astrology is an officially approved training institution by the Central Registration Office of Professional Education based in the Netherlands.

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