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Level 3

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Module 6 – Deepening the White and the Black layer. Composite and Synastry. Progressions and Transits. Practice.

Module 6 provides a training to read the Diamond Astrology relation chart. Since most of the Metaphysical Luminaries become active in the second half of life it is of great importance to apply the Luminaries in the relation chart in order to give a truthful diagnosis of the relationship. Both the composite and synastry are discussed during this Module 6. You will work with this in theory and in interactive practical lessons. Forming an idea of the near future with a view to the unfolding process of the Essential Self will enrich the information of the DA chart. The Diamond Astrology training must include the Progressions and Transits of the Luminaries as well which will be discussed during the last two lessons.

Live Lessons - Dates to be announced

Certified Diamond Astrologer

After completing Module 5 and 6 the student can apply for an examination to obtain the diploma of Certified Diamond Astrologer. The student must also have a good knowledge of basic astrology.

Examination Procedure - click here to view details