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The Black Moon, Priapus, the Black Sun and the Diamond


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1st column:  Date
2nd column: Mean Black Moon
3rd column: Corrected Black Moon
4th column: Mean Priapus
5th column: Black Sun
6th column: Diamond
(7th and 8th column not applicable)

Diamond Astrology is based on an astronomical reality;

the elliptical orbit of the planets


More and more astrologers are waking up to the fact that the planets of our solar system do not have a circular orbit around the Sun but that their orbit is elliptical. This was discovered by astronomer Johannes Kepler in 1609. So far this fact has not been taken into account to interpret the planets in astrology. But its meaning is highly important. It is an astronomical reality on which Diamond Astrology is based.

The 3 laws discovered by astronomer Johannes Kepler

  • The planetary orbit is not a circle but an ellipse. 
  • The Sun is not at the center but is a focal point of the elliptical orbit.
  • The speed of the planet in its orbit is not constant. At its nearest distance from the  Sun the planet gains speed and at its farthest distance it slows down. 

We know from physics that a circle has one focal point, namely the center. But an ellipse has two focal points. A visible, occupied point on the one hand and an invisible, empty point on the other hand. A void. This is where Diamond Astrology begins.

Derivatives of the trinity Sun/Moon/Earth

We can see that all the 9 luminaries are derivatives of the tryptich Moon/Earth/Sun. Diamond Astrology is based on that tryptich. The Sun and the Moon are the main luminaries in the chart. Without them the rest of the planets could not take root. Diamond Astrology, however, makes it possible to put the Sun and the Moon in a larger perspective. Now we can expand our lunar consciousness from the Moon to the Black Moon and we can expand our solar consciousness from the Sun to the Black Sun. 

Martin Buber’s famous words 

‘With the birth of each person something new has been brought to the world that was not there before, a first and only something. It is this one and only something that above all is entrusted to each person to develop, to embody and to express and not to do what someone else already has done, even if he is the greatest. Every person holds something inside that is precious and that is not to be found in any other person. At the end of your life you will not be asked: ‘Why have you not been like Ghandi?’ But you will be asked: ‘Why have you not been your Self?”    Martin Buber   -philosopher, author, psychologist-

Without knowing it, Martin Buber could not have given a more striking description of the luminary where Diamond Astrology begins; the Black Moon.


The Luminaries of Diamond Astrology
Diamond Astrology works with four cosmic axes:

The Lunar Axis...Read more here

the Black Moon;         The unique Cosmic Identity and the birthing process of the Cosmic Self

Priapus;                        The survival strategy


The Solar Axis...Read more here

the Black Sun;          Opening up to Cosmic Consciousness

the Diamond;            The alchemizing process of incorporating Cosmic Consciousness


The Nodal Axis...Read more here

the South Node;         The heritage of the past

the North Node;         The promise of the future


The Axis of Extremes...Read more here

the Dragon;              That must be defeated

the Beast;                 That must be tamed


The process of Diamond Astrology … 

… starts with the Black Moon as a cosmic Moon and is the portal to our inner universe. Then the process continues to Priapus, then to the Black Sun and then to the Diamond. I hope you will understand that it goes too far to cover this process in this article, given the 4,000 words that I can spend on it. This serves merely to show you the cycle of the lunar and solar axis.


Each axis represents a life process in the natal chart

These 9 luminaries are not visible planets. They are specific points in the elliptical orbit of the Moon around Earth where the Lunar Axis is concerned and in the apparent elliptical orbit of the Sun around Earth where the Solar Axis is concerned. Most astrologers work with both the South and North Node and the Part of Fortune as metaphysical or invisible points. We know how powerful these luminaries are … Needless to say that the luminaries of Diamond Astrology have a powerful influence as well. Each axis represents a life process in the chart and is intertwined in the traditional chart. 

How can you work with Diamond Astrology?

There are many ways you can work with Diamond Astrology in your chart:

If you're interested in becoming a Certified Diamond Astrologer through learning all of the interpretations of the Luminaries including positions, aspects, and how to fuse the  traditional and Diamond Astrology chart go here.

If you would like to go on a personalized "Journey to the Essential Self", led by Monique, through videos and personalized texts which allow you to explore your own Black Moon, Priapus and other Diamond Astrology luminary positions go here.

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I am grateful that I have the opportunity to give a first introduction of Diamond Astrology with this article and I hope that you will feel the vibes exactly as it gives me. For me an entirely new universe has opened and I dedicate my life to develop it and spread the word. You will understand how thrilled and grateful I am that Diamond Astrology is now coming in the spotlight! Thank you!