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Each of the nine luminaries can be located in one of the twelve houses and one of the twelve zodiac signs. These luminaries can make mutual aspects, not only with each other, but also with the planets, the house-cusps, etc. The nine luminaries should always be interpreted in combination with the contents of the traditional chart.

Furthermore it must be stated that five of the luminaries will become of influence by the second half of life: the Black Moon, the Diamond, the North Node, the Dragon and the Part of Fortune.

Each of these luminaries is derived from the orbit of the Sun and the Moon, the two main luminaries in the chart. None of the luminaries is a visible heavenly body in the universe. In this context many astrologers are already familiar to work with the North and South Node and the Part of Fortune.


"The session was beyond expectation. You are a master to interpret the stars. Diamond Astrology is truly a 5D astrology. I did many readings before, but yours was absolutely the best one I ever had!"

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