About Diamond Astrology

The Black Sun and the Diamond

The Black Sun is the farthest point in the elliptical orbit of the apparent orbit of the Sun around Earth. When the furthest distance Sun/Earth is reached the Sun becomes a cosmic Sun.


Because he loses the affinity with Mother

Earth, with our world. On this point of the orbit the Sun turns his back to Earth and will now fully focus on a mesmerizing universe with uncountable other twinkling stars. This is the moment that he becomes aware that he is not the only Sun, sol, solo, but that there are billions of other suns and stars, that shine even brighter than he does. So that puts his centrality of being the only god of our solar system into perspective. 

In our solar system all life begins with the Sun. The planets being his organs, his arms and his legs. The Sun is worshiped in several cultures as a God. The Egyptian God Ra and the Inca temple of the Sun in Machu Picchu e.g.  But on the point where the Sun becomes the Black Sun his divinity becomes relative and on this position of the orbit a new light can shine on him. Namely the light of the universe. He is no longer Mr. Sol(o). Now he will start to wonder where his own divine origin comes from … who created him? Who is he, as the absolute royal ruler, when he also witnesses an ocean of other shining stars, even bigger than he…? The truth is that he is both a divine center and a pin head in a breathtaking universe … 

This truth has a similar effect on the psyche of mankind.

Both on a collective and on an individual level. As individuals this gives us the opportunity to dive or jump beyond our ego, our little self, usually represented by the Sun in the chart. Here we can merge with the universe, we are the universe. If we keep on seeing the world from our ego  then we will get a distorted picture of reality. If we expand our consciousness beyond the little self of our ego we create space in the way we approach reality. And open up to cosmic consciousness.

So the Black Sun reminds us of the fact that we are more than our ego. The Diamond is the final phase of our essential development. A phase where we start to integrate cosmic consciousness. You will understand that a whole book can be written about the Diamond alone.