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Module 3  – The Axis of Extremes –  Dragon and Beast

The Nodal Cross

The Axis of Extremes is an addition to the Nodal axis; the North and South Node.  Thus we come to a full understanding of the total of the Nodal Cross: North Node, South Node, Dragon and Beast. The North Node represents our personal life purpose, the South Node is our emotional imprinting of the past. The core creation of life consists of two poles that attract each other like magnets in a perpetual evolutionary dance: energy (or consciousness) and matter. The Beast and the Dragon represent energy and matter respectively, each working to extremes in a process from primal energy to perfect form. Dragon and Beast are immediately connected with the North and South Node. Together with the South and North Node they form the total of the Nodal Cross. The Nodal Cross is an indispensable tool to combine the Lunar and Solar Axis and will give the fuller picture of Diamond Astrology. The four poles of the Nodal Cross, as an evolutionary process to master matter, ánd the four poles of the Solar and Lunar Axes, to birth divine consciousness, offer a brilliant combination to interpret the chart to a 5D level.

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