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Level 3

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Module 5 – The Black and the White contents in conflict and in harmony. Aspects between planets and Luminaries. Core Theme. Practice.

The first four Modules of Diamond Astrology provide a basic knowledge of the Luminaries of Diamond Astrology in which the four cosmic axes are discussed in each module. Module 5 and Module 6 provide a further training of deepening the knowledge and learning to apply this in practice. In this Module 5 you will learn how to discern the core theme of the chart. Also you will learn how to work with the major aspects: sextile, trine, square and opposition between the black and white luminaries. Every aspect that a planet receives from a Metaphysical Luminary will have an impact on that planet. Also you will learn in what way the white contents of the chart relates to the black contents and how to give to right diagnosis of the birthing process of the Essential Self. Module 5 and 6 provide interactive practical trainings as well, which the student will need as an indispensable part of the learning process of the Diamond Astrology training.

Certified Diamond Astrologer

After completing Module 5 and 6 the student can apply for an examination to obtain the diploma of Certified Diamond Astrologer. The student must also have a good knowledge of basic astrology.

Examination Procedure - click here to view details