Beginner Level - Module 2 - The Solar Axis

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Module 2   – The Solar Axis  –The Black Sun and the Diamond

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Like the Lunar Axis (Black Moon and Priapus), the Solar Axis (Black Sun and Diamond) too represents a life process of expanding consciousness of our Essential Self. The Black Moon is the solar Moon of our higher self or Essential Self, the Black Sun is the lunar Sun of our Essential Self. Both represent an important theme how to transcend the boundaries of the personality and so that we can begin to experience ourselves as creative cosmic beings. The path from the Black Sun to the Diamond is highly topical in this time of shifting from the old 3D world to the 5D new energy. The more we purify ourselves from old conditioned lunar energy and start to live from our divine inner core – The Black Moon – the more we open up to make our inner Diamond shine into this world. The Solar Axis is an enriching astrological guide on this path.

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