*Preorder* Intermediate Level - Module 4 - Combining Traditional and Diamond Astrology

Level 2



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Module 4   – Fusing Diamond and Traditional Astrology

Release date: Late Summer 2022

In these lessons you will learn to combine the 9 principles of Diamond Astrology: Black Moon, Priapus, Black Sun, Diamond, North Node, South Node, Dragon, Beast and the Part of Fortune. Also you will learn to fuse these principles with the traditional chart. You will learn how to interpret the aspects of these 9 points among themselves, for example Black Moon conjunct Black Sun, Priapus conjunct Diamond, etc. In addition, Pluto and Chiron are discussed and you learn how to work with them in Diamond Astrology. Practical examples are discussed and the difference between Lilith and the Black Moon is also discussed. The aspects of the planets with the Metaphysical Luminaries are discussed, among other things, in Module 5 and 6 (Advanced Level).

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