About Diamond Astrology

The Black Moon … 
is a cosmic moon and has a higher frequency than the white moon.

All planets have a black and a white point

The fact that Kepler discovered the elliptical orbit of the planets is of great significance for astrology. For the Moon we speak of the’ Apogee’ as the furthest point from Earth and ‘Perigee’ as closest point, ‘gee’ referring to Gaia, Earth. For the Sun we speak of the ‘Aphelium’ and Perihelium, ‘helium’ referring to helios, Sun. 

So this implies that each planet has a ‘black point’ (furthest distance to the Sun) and a ‘white point’ (closest distance to the Sun). Diamond Astrology has developed material about the interpretation of the black and white positions of the Sun and the Moon; the Black Sun as the furthest distance Earth/Sun and the Diamond as the closest distance Earth/Sun. And where the Moon is concerned the Black Moon as the furthest distance Moon/Earth and Priapus as the closest distance Moon/Earth. 

The minor cycle of the Moon

The minor cycle of the Moon is one we all know. They are the Moon Phases from New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Third Quarter and Waning Crescent.  


The major cycle of the Moon 

But in addition the elliptical orbit provides another cycle, a major Moon cycle. The Apogee as the Black Moon and the Perigee as Priapus.

You are born with two origins - that implies two births

You and I, each person, incarnates with two origins: our Personality and our Essential Self. Our bloodline and our cosmic genes respectively. Great spiritual teachers of today, like Eckhart Tolle and Neil Donald Walsh, underline this as well in their teachings. Having two origins implies that we are meant to be born twice. The first birth is the birth of our soul in the body as a baby. This is the beginning of our Personal Development. The second birth is the birth of our Essential Self, with our Cosmic Identity as a focal point, represented by the Black Moon. This process starts later in life, once our personality has matured, once we have ‘grown-up’. Then we have come at the end of a phase of our lives; the completion of our personal development. At the same time this completion marks a crossroads to a new phase. 


Personal and Essential Development

So far in the recent evolution of mankind we have focused mainly on our personal development. Implying that we grow up as persons (‘persona’ means ‘mask’) who are being raised in a world where we have to adapt ourselves in order to survive. We have all gone through the 3D program from childhood. Psychology speaks of the seven phases of personal development, from little baby to adult. This personal development is more often than not based on the way we have adapted ourselves to the 3D program. In this time of awakening we want to shake off the burden of that program. We want to shift our identity from ‘persons’ to ‘conscious beings’. The 3D program blocks our true self, our essential self. In psychology this crossroads is known as the mid-life crisis. 

The ‘mid-life crisis’ is a passage to our Essential Development

In fact this is not a mid-life crisis. It is a promise. To that new phase in our lives. The phase where we can start our Essential Development after we have become grown up as persons. The new phase is our second birth. Of opening up to our cosmic identity, of expanding our consciousness to spiritual beings and as children of the universe. Of re-connecting with the source of all life, indeed like when we were children. This is when the Diamond Astrology bells start ringing.  There is a knock on our door of the universe. The portal of our inner universe wants to open. A whole new phase begins of a most fascinating, passionate, inspiring and creative journey. A path on which we can learn how to tune in with the universe as a conscious creator, the passport of our cosmic identity in our hands, embarking on a journey to acquire spiritual maturity. Here the positions of the Black Moon, Priapus, the Black Sun and the Diamond can become our star guides.

Becoming a unified being again

Our essential development is of great importance in these days of awakening. Because later in our lives we have the opportunity to connect again with what has moved to the background in our childhood, namely the absolute wisdom and knowledge of the Black Moon. Each of us is born with the treasure of the Black Moon, but this treasure is rejected early in our lives. First we have to become a person. The second birth, the process of essential development, is the beginning of becoming a unified being again. 

The Cosmic Birth Channel

In Diamond Astrology we work with both the Corrected Black Moon and the Mean Black Moon. The distance between them forms the Cosmic Birth Channel. It is this part of the chart where there is an interaction between old lunar energy and new cosmic energy.

The Black Moon is a birthing process

We have seen that the Moon mirrors borrowed light. And the Black Moon mirrors cosmic light. The Black Moon mirrors an infinite dark universe. A universe in which we are a focal point. The Black Moon is the birthing process of our Essential Self. During the physical birth it is the baby who gives the mother the birth contractions. During the essential birth process it is the universe who gives us the birth contractions, the Black Moon being our baby, our cosmic child. 

Because of the rejection the Black Moon has been put into a negative light. But if we keep approaching her in this way then we are abstaining from a great promise. Once the Cosmic Birth Channel is open we can start to co-create with the universe. With the thousands of readings and so many workshops that I did I have come to the realization that there is no deeper passion and no greater joy.

The Black Moon does not stand alone in the chart

It is a misunderstanding to interpret the Black Moon as a single luminary in the chart. In the first place the Black Moon is part of the Lunar Axis. Therefore she is immediately connected with the opposite side, namely Priapus. In addition, the Black Moon is part of a quartet of luminaries. Not only is she connected with Priapus, but also with the Black Sun and the Diamond. Therefore the Black Moon should always be interpreted in the light of this quartet of luminaries.