A great disaster, an exceptional constellation and an ingenious answer: one of the seven world wonders. 

The Great Flood of 1953

Our European members are closer to this event, but perhaps if you are in the USA or outside of Europe you may find this newsletter also interesting because of the bizarre astrological constellation when it happened.

Today, January 31st 1953, 70 years ago, is a day of commemoration in the Netherlands and is astrologically very interesting. The greatest disaster of the 20th century occurred in the Netherlands. This is the Flood Disaster that every Dutchman remembers, but also in many other countries it is still not forgotten. A second flood came on Feb. 1, the day after.

A terrible storm combined with spring tides caused a devastating flood. The Netherlands is a water-rich country and the area most affected was the province of Zeeland. Yesterday I went to the Flood Museum in Zeeland and was deeply impressed by what I saw there. Pictures, videos, objects, extraordinary and deeply sad stories, traumatized people and animals and much more is what I saw after what happened in an all-consuming, destructive storm surge on 31st January 1953. A second flood occurred the day after on the 1st of February. I have heard stories from my parents who lived in the north, the flood was in the south, but having seen much more myself yesterday, the images are much more coming to life and I feel the immense pain of what happened then.


I prepared and studied the chart of that event and to my astonishment three cycles of the Moon came together on that day! The chart is here below and from the perspective of Diamond Astrology this disaster can even better be explained. At first that day it was Full Moon: the Moon was in Leo and the Sun in Aquarius.
Secondly there was also an eclipse: At Full Moon this a Lunar Eclipse. So on that day the Nodal axis (North Node and South Node) were on one line with the Full Moon. A Lunar Eclipse is a super super Full Moon and amplifies the energy that brings drastic and often destructive endings to existing situations.


During the flood the Nodal Axis, the Lunar Axis and a Full Moon are coming together:

                                                                                   1. Full Moon

                                                                                   2. Full Moon conjunct the Nodal Axis; South and North Node, causing it to be a Lunar Eclipse

                                                                                   3. Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse conjunct the Lunar Axis; Perigee and Apogee

And on top of that, something happened that doesn't happen very often: not only the Full Moon and the Nodal Axis were on one line, but conjunct the Perigee and Apogee; the point where the Moon is farthest and closest to Earth, known as the Black Moon and Priapus, or in Diamond Astrology: the Lunar Axis. A super moon can not only rouse the emotions much more, but also literally the waves of a raging sea! The Moon is also conjunct Pluto on January 31 around noon. The Sun makes a wide conjunction with the Perigee (7 degrees). And Jupiter makes several squares to this constellation and magnifies the whole drama. What a constellation!

Dikes broke in more than 150 places that could no longer withstand a frenzied and raging sea. More than 1,800 people and tens of thousands of animals perished. 150,000 acres of land flooded. 72,000 people had to be evacuated.


Watch these impressive English spoken videos:

Disasters of the Century:

North Sea Flood | Ian Michael Coulson (22.27 min)

Hundreds Die In Dutch Floods (1953) (3.19 min)


This is a painting of a baby who survived the disaster because the cat balanced the wobbly crib.


And this was the answer of the Dutch people: they built the largest and most famous dam in the world: the Delta Works, one of the seven world wonders!

The largest movable flood barrier in the world, which can open and close with one press of the button. Watch this amazing video of 1.49 min.

The Dutch Deltaworks 4K (1.49 min)


What is the message of all this?
That out of a bizarre planetary constellation a world wonder can rise!

The next sequence of Perigee and Apogee total Lunar eclipses will occur in 2033 on April 14th and on September 8th… It does not necessarily imply a flood or a disaster but it will have a very powerful impact. And thank God it is far away in time!

2023 is now on our plate with Pluto entering Aquarius on March 23rd.

Pluto will tear open the curtain of truth. Aquarius is the sign of truth. Prepare for a great deal to be revealed. For corruption scandals that may turn your perspective upside down. For great social unrest and revolutions of people who ask for freedom, justice and truth. But don’t lose your confidence because in the oyster that is about to break open already lurks the pearl.