About your Essential Self by Monique Leurink
16th October 2021

About the Essential Self

Sometimes people ask: 'what is the Essential Self?' 

In Diamond Astrology it is the process that starts from the Black Moon - your Source Wisdom - then to the Priapus - the path from your Survival Strategy to Abundance - then to the Black Sun - immersing yourself in Cosmic Inspiration - and then to the Diamond - integrating Cosmic Inspiration in your life. These are the core principles of Diamond Astrology. This is what students are learning. Each luminary has a unique position in the chart and reveals the unique route to your Essential Self.

I received a text from a student with whom I did a reading and she gave me back the following words that came up in that reading that may clarify more to you of the Essential Self:

Opening to the Essential Self

“...these three laws, coming from the core source of Love, are connected. If I say Beauty, it is Truth, it is also Joy – inextricably connected with each other. It is by these three laws that the Universe multiplies itself, the expanding universe. So there is a force behind that and that is what can be called the Creative Force. The force by which the Universe multiplies itself over and over again. When you connect with the Universe you reconnect with that Creative Force. And once you have found your track, your true path of your true Essential Self then you are driven forth by that Creative Force because it will urge you to create. You only want that one thing – to create and create, a reflection of God/Goddess which is ever-creating, ever-expanding. Once you start to connect with your Essential Self then you turn the ignition key of the Creative Force. And a dance will start between you and the Universe."