Pluto in Aquarius by Monique Leurink
15th September 2021

Pluto in Aquarius

It takes Pluto about 248 years to transit the whole zodiac. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 and will leave this sign in 2023, leaving behind a crumbling system, shaking its foundations and ready to collapse. Pluto will move into Aquarius from 2023 to 2044, a total period of 18,5 years. What will this bring? What may we expect? We can already feel the challenges and the changes. It is certain that It will be a revolutionary time that will totally transform society. 

Some important dates

1778 - 1798      the last time that Pluto moved in Aquarius 

1789 - 1794      the French Revolution 

21 Dec 2020     the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the 1st degree of Aquarius. 

                         A big step toward the Age of Aquarius was taken. 

2022                 Pluto Return for the USA (12 months before Pluto moves into Aquarius) 

2023                 Pluto moves into Aquarius on 24th March till 11th June for the 1st time                   

2024                 Pluto moves into Aquarius on 21st January till 2044 

Pluto in Aquarius and the French Revolution 

The last time that Pluto moved through Aquarius was during the French Revolution, one of the most important events in the history of Europe. A period of great social unrest began that resulted in major fundamental political and social changes.The country was divided into two main groups. The Girondins - the moderate republicans - and the Jacobins - the radical republicans who wanted to destroy the monarchy. At least 40.000 people were killed under the guillotine and as many as 300,000 Frenchmen and women were arrested. France ceased to be a monarchy and became a republic. During this period, the French razed and reshaped their country's political and social system. This period is known as ‘the reign of terror’.

Astrologically speaking it is not a surprise that this revolution started in France. France is a Leo country. As you may know every country is under the influence of an astrological sign. But also the opposite sign plays an important role! France resonates clearly with the Leo-Aquarius Axis. Leo is the king and Aquarius is the group, the people and the rebel. King Louis XVI and his queen Marie-Antoinette were executed during the French Revolution. The most important causes of the French Revolution was the rise of an arrogant bourgeoisie and the refusal of the nobility and the clergy to pay taxes, egalitarian philosophies, and high food costs. France ceased to be a monarchy and became a republic. It was no longer ‘l'État c’est Moi’ (I am the State) the famous slogan of the Sun King Louis XIV who chose the Sun as his symbol, being the center of the universe - typical Leo characteristics -. Now it has become Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité (Freedom, Equality Brotherhood) - typical Aquarian characteristics-. The Leo pole (the king) came off worst in favor of the Aquarian pole (the people).

The Revolution led to the establishment of a democratic government for the first time. Feudalism was brought to an end. The monarchy was dead. Soon the French Revolution appeared the ignition key for other countries to follow the example. 

Pluto’s splitting energy 

If we want to get a better understanding of what Pluto in Aquarius will bring, we must also take into account the opposite sign of Aquarius: Leo. Leo represents the self, the individual, the center, being human and the heart. Aquarius represents the community, social life, freedom, truth, technology and space. During the French Revolution the country was split into two groups. The wedge was hit deeply and caused hatred and irreconcilability. The same is going on in our time. Now it is the whole world that is divided into two groups. The ones who follow the law of the system and the ones who rebel against it. 

Leo also represents the connection with our core, with our heart, with our identity. When Pluto is moving to Aquarius the splitting energy will try to cut this away. To get the heart out of who we are as humans, as a nation, as a being, as a gender. All this in favor of globalism, of communism, of a one world government ruling humans who risk to lose the connection with everything that Leo represents. 

The time in which we live is decision time. Pluto is not a planet of the golden mean, it is either yes or no. 2022 will more and more be a year of having to take sides and 2023 will be the year that there is no longer a point of return.

How will the shadow sign of Leo play out when Pluto comes into Aquarius?

Although the Leo pole is being more and more repressed now that Pluto is on the threshold of Aquarius, a call for a new king arises at the same time. That king is YOU. 

In the old days the King was the Sovereign, who had supreme power and was above all law. Now, 248 years later, in our days of awakening, the Leo pole calls for Sovereignty in each and everyone of us. You are invited to be your own king, your own queen. This is about your personal royalty, a royalty that implies the awakening of your Self and the truth of your Heart. 

Wherever Pluto appears, he will bring first crises before the deep transformation can play out. The periods of crises are caused by the shadow side of Pluto: destruction, abuse of power, repression, intimidation, manipulation.

When Pluto will start to split the energy in Aquarius, he will do so still in connection with the old system. He is still in the last degrees of Capricorn and is doing his work to pulverize the skeleton, the skull and bones, that have kept the old system together. A system of control and fear where the people are obedient to authorities who represent that same system. 

We are called to become our own Sovereign. To come to a full awakening of who we are. This will bring us to ‘supreme power of our self’ like the king in the old days. There can be no fear-based laws, rules and regulations if you come into your own sovereignty. This can become a reality when Pluto in Aquarius has reached the deepest point of transformation, down to the nucleus, to the naked core. When he comes out of the shadow phase the rising phase can start, up to the light. 

When Saturn came into Aquarius our freedom was restricted by lockdowns, social distancing (which is in fact physical distancing) and whatnot. But when Pluto will enter Aquarius the splitting and transformative energy will go deeper and will move us to dis-cover our freedom within. A wheel has been spun before our eyes where the truth is concerned. But with Pluto nearing Aquarius we are on our way to find the truth within. The transit Nodal Axis is in Gemini and Sagittarius, the Axis of Knowledge and Truth. Neptune, the planet of deceit and lies in a negative sense, has been squaring the Axis from November 2020 till March 2021. This has created an immense labyrinth of lies versus truths in which few people can find a way out. 

The art of not being caught in in division

But you don’t have to be caught up in division. The higher frequencies of the Leo-Aquarius Axis can help you to stay out of division. I will mention some below.


The word ‘coeur’ is in it. Meaning ‘heart’. Courage is in the heart. You need to be courageous to stay out of the labyrinth of division and lies.


You need strength to stay out of the labyrinth of lies and to embrace yourself as a unique being who stands upright in the repression and chaos.


Also if someone has taken the other side in this divided world you can stay in connection with this person’s essence as a rainbow of love and keep seeing him/her on a soul level where there is no division. Remember that thoughts have power too.

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