Saturn in Aquarius by Monique Leurink
4th January 2022

Saturn in Aquarius


The heavyweight Saturn entered Aquarius on 18th December 2020 and will remain there till 6th March 2023. Saturn is the planet of order, law, restrictions, control, rules and legislation and Aquarius is the sign of freedom and truth. In the past few years our freedom was restricted and the truth was violated in many ways. 

The shift of Saturn from Capricorn to Aquarius is a big call to grow up

When Saturn entered Aquarius a shift took place. On a mundane level the Aquarius/Leo Axis is also the Axis of the Child and the Adult. Leo; the adolescent, the playful, creative, passionate, self centered teenager and on the other hand Aquarius; the idealistic adult who participates, contributes and shares in a society based on equality, respect and individual freedom.

Prior to the Leo/Aquarius Axis is the Cancer/Capricorn Axis. This is also the Axis of the Baby and the Parent. Cancer represents the kid, the toddler, the baby that needs care and guidance. And on the other hand Capricorn; the parent, the father, the ruler, politics and the government. Both Axes are related to each other simply because they are connected in order.

The cultures of the Western world relate very much to the Capricorn/Cancer axis. The leaders of these cultures are Saturnal leaders, serving the top down system, where they are on high posts. At the bottom are the subjects, we, the people, who are trained to listen and obey them from the moment we were born.

Children on high posts

So called leaders in the Western world get their high posts with their center mainly in their heads. They are rewarded when they show up as cool, cunning and rigid strategists, working hard to achieve their goal while hiding their ambition, ready to attack anyone with a full blow of the Capricorn horns who threatens that. On their climb up the ladder they do not need the soul oriented world of Cancer, the world of feelings, emotions, compassion and vulnerability. It is not being asked for. They became the daddies (Capricorn) of our world and the people are their babies (Cancer) who must do what daddy says. Our world leaders are big daddies in the external world and are babies inside. As a collective we have been conditioned to give our center away to external authorities who serve the old dying system. Just think of it … it implies that - on a psychological level - both the people and the leaders are in a child phase.

A child usually does not take responsibility….

It is not difficult to see that the leaders of today’s cultures in the government, the military, education, health, religion, stay at a child-level responsibility. The proof of this is that they have not taken responsibility for the immense messes they created in almost every field of our world. The modern consumer society makes big messes with no intention of cleaning them up. The modern consumer society is a society at child level responsibility.

Many people though who are in the child phase still follow these leaders, believe in them, make them feel safe because they think for them. These are the people who do not want to grow up and start to think for themselves.

Saturn in Aquarius - either you sleep deeper or you wake up

Saturn in Aquarius can work out in two ways: either it can cause you to give away more of your responsibility into the hands of external authorities and go in a deeper baby sleep … or it puts you outside this culture because you are growing up. 

If your actions are on a level of responsibility which really differs from the culture of your environment then you have outgrown this same culture. It will cause you to abandon the existing culture and to participate in rising parallel cultures that are created in higher levels of responsibility. Embracing the three C’s of Leo =- Courage, Creativity and Consciousness - will help you.

The new culture of adults who take their responsibility grows already locally. Viable communities and tribes emerge and will take over while at the same time the old child-phase culture dies.

Waking up to Natural Law

Saturn in Aquarius is also a wake up call to Natural Law. Natural Law sees all beings on planet Earth as living sentient beings in harmony with nature and interconnected with every other living being. It is the Law of ‘Do No Harm’. It is based on the idea that human beings are not under the law or under any other being and it is based on self sovereignty. Natural Law states that all people have inherent rights, conferred not by act of legislation, but by God, the divine and nature.

Natural Law is the opposite of ‘Positive Law’, enacted by courts or governments. It states that the way the lawmakers command is the rule and demands obedience. Many people in the new parallel cultures have woken up to Natural Law and use it more and more in particular circumstances. There are ample examples of police officers, judges and those who serve the system who have no answer when people appeal to Natural Law. (if you want to know more about Natural Law then internet can give you much information)

Talking of babies … you may feel like a baby .. but a newborn one …

Another heavyweight that is still in Capricorn and at the door opening of Aquarius is Pluto. In the years 2022, 2023 and 2024 Pluto will be going back and forth on the 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th degrees of Capricorn. Pluto will definitely enter Aquarius on 20th November 2024.

If you have any planets from 24th till 29th Capricorn then these planets are ready for big transformation. Also If you have any planets from 24th till 29th Cancer, Aries or Libra then these planets will be triggered as well.

Pluto has already done a lot of deep transformational work in Capricorn. Saturn is related to Capricorn and Saturn is also the planet of karma. On a personal level you may have done deep cleansing work of karmic patterns that you may have carried for lifetimes. During the past years old wounds have come to the surface in order to heal. For once and for all. You have lost weight, become lighter. On a psychological level Pluto in Capricorn implies the collapse of ego structures with which you may have identified for a long time. And now they’re gone…

This can be the cause that you do not know who you are. Therefore you can feel like a baby. New, vulnerable, fresh. But it is not the baby in the sleep-state of the old world. It is the awakened baby that needs guidance and care of the adult in you, ready to step into the new world. Your ego structure has made space for your Being, the universal you that is aligned with Diamond consciousness.

The Great Reset and the Final Reset

It is likely that those who are in the baby sleep-state will connect to the agenda of the Great Reset; a one world technocracy government.

Those in the baby awakened-state will connect with new parallel worlds, self sovereignty, responsibility, natural law and the heart, the Aquarius/Leo spirit that is the Final Reset.