SOVEREIGNTY IN 2023 and the North Node from Gemini  to Aries from 2020 - 2025
by Monique Leurink - Diamond Astrologer -  August 2022

The orbit of the North and South Node not only appears to have a powerful and transformational impact in the personal chart but also for us humans collectively. The North and South Node (Nodal Axis) changes signs about every 18 months. The North Node represents our collective future, as a challenge, and drives us to new creation. The South Node represents our collective past and compels us to release patterns of the past. Its orbit is retrograde, counter clockwise. The North Node is now on the 18th degree of Taurus and the South Node on 18th Scorpio. The influence of the Nodal Axis (North and South Node) can be felt already before it enters a new sign and usually causes a permanent change on a collective level. Positions that I mention in this article are for True Node.


A planet that makes an aspect to the Nodal Axis can make an important impact in the way it works out. To get an idea of the impact, let us first have a look back two years.



From 6th May 2020 till 18th January 2022 the North Node was in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius. Gemini is the sign of News, Media, Newspapers, Television and Communication. Sagittarius is the sign of Truth and Vision. Gemini is: ‘I know’. The Covid crisis became a fact in early 2020 and the media - the mainstream media at that time - were running at full throttle giving the people news about the virus.

But … from September 2020 till March 2021, a period of seven months - the heavyweight Neptune was squaring the North and South Node. Neptune in conflict creates deceit, lies, misleading, spinning a wheel before the eyes. It became more and more difficult to find out what the truth was. Many people couldn’t see the forest from the trees anymore. What is true? What isn’t? A new kind of media arose; (NN in Gemini) the alternative media. New platforms, news channels, podcast shows, youtube talk shows, facebook pages, private tv studios and radio stations were realized with or without crowdfunding. Now in 2022 there are numerous news platforms turning their back to the mainstream media with’ old truths’ (South Node in Sagittarius) and they started their channels with news that is ‘true, the real news, no kidding news, listening uncensored, independent news, etc.’ The Nodal Axis in Gemini and Sagittarius definitely changed the media. With Neptune as a catalyst.



From 19th January 2022 till 17th July 2023 the North Node is in Taurus and the South Node in Scorpio. Taurus is the first Earth sign, the sign of money, income, property, values and nature. Scorpio is the second Water sign, the sign of shadow worlds, darkness, death, transformation and of money from others. Taurus rules capital, Scorpio interest. Uranus is in Taurus from May 2018 till April 2027 and starts to make a conjunction with the North Node from end July till the beginning of September 2022. By mid September the square from Retrograde Saturn to Retrograde Uranus is getting exact again and brings old conflicts of law and rules versus freedom and innovation back to the foreground. The law of the established politics versus the freedom of people. A square that lasts till the beginning of November. The triple conjunction of Mars/Uranus/North Node in Taurus from 31st July till the second week of August caused great unrest, aggression, violence and protests. Suddenly emergency laws are issued (Uranus).

The Scorpio/Taurus axis is also known as the Axis of Money. Taurus is: I own my own money’ and Scorpio is ‘I manage money from others.’ Taurus is: ‘I own’. Since the North Node is in Taurus we have heard of the disowning of farmer’s land. In the years that I was in New Zealand (2020 - 2022) farmland was ruthlessly taken, stolen, grabbed and confiscated by the government. And it is still going on. This is not in the mainstream news, but on alternative news channels it’s in the spotlight. In the Netherlands among other things (my native country) huge protests are going on because farmers are being disowned from their land as well. It is so disrupting that some farmers kill themselves. The government tries to buy them out (South Node in Scorpio - tax money) but most of them are not interested in that. How can you sell your life’s passion?! What’s really going on is not in the international mainstream news. It is the alternative news platforms who report what’s happening.

In the meantime Bill Gates is now America’s biggest private owner of farmland and he keeps buying land in Europe and in India, Turkey and other countries.

And yes, Taurus is also the sign of money. A huge change in the money system is taking place, cash money will disappear, many banks are already officially bankrupt and the elite is working hard to enter one digital currency. A currency that is linked to each person’s identity that brings us to the North Node in Aries.



The North Node is in Aries from 18th July 2023 till 12th January 2025 and It will enter this sign with a bang. The planet that will have an impact on the North Node in Aries is Pluto. The moment it will enter Aries it will immediately collash with Pluto who is Retrograde on 29th Capricorn and will make an exact square with the NN on 29th Aries. The square has the most impact from 18th July till the beginning of September 2023.

Aries is: ‘I am’. ‘I carry in myself the first impulse of life, I am and I am the beginning of everything, I ignite, I am original, I am new and most of all I am an autonomous Being in my own right. I am not a pleaser, I am a warrior and I do as I like.’

IDENTITY, AUTONOMY, ACTING AS A FREE PERSON  Aries is explosive but with Pluto squaring it this will imply an implosion of will and of the sense of ‘I am’. The North Node in Aries calls for new ways of identity, autonomy and acting of a free will. Pluto will block this by abusing power, by manipulation, repression and force. Here are two wills at stake: Mars, ruling Aries, is the personal, ego will and Pluto is the higher divine will. But with a conflicting aspect the frequency of a planet goes down and Pluto’s square will bring forward the dark side of power. Two wills will be clashing. This may ignite big conflicts in what identity is for you as an individual on the one hand and what it should be for those in power on the other hand. Fortunately the tension of the Saturn/Uranus square will have been dissolved in this period. 2023 will very much be a year of struggling with identity, autonomy and the right to Be. That leads me to the next aspect for 2023.

BLACK MOON IN LEO  The Mean Black Moon will be in Leo from 9th January till 4th October 2023. Leo is also a sign of being, of ‘I am’. The Black Moon always has a tendency to uncondition fixed ideas and conditioned patterns.This implies a tendency to release ideas of who you think you are and what you identify with. Is this good? Is it bad? Well … releasing these ideas about yourself can bring you in a liquid state. A liquid state is where you feel you’re like a baby, floating a bit on the waters of life, not having a sense of identity yet, just being. It brings you in a pure state which makes it easy to release the identification of who you think you are. To release the attachment to stories that have told you who so far who you are. Releasing to make space to emerge what is really you. And what you really are is Consciousness. You are a focal point of consciousness and you have a personality to play this out. The Black Moon in Leo may help you to bring you to a higher frequency of Being.

NORTH NODE IN ARIES  When the North Node enters Aries in 2023 Chiron is also in Aries in the 19th degree. Chiron in Aries is the identity wound. So it’s also about: ‘who am I?’ And: ‘do I have the right to exist the way I am?’ To overcome this wound is realizing that it’s not about becoming someone others want you to be, but it is learning to accept that it is okay to be you.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP  Aries is also the sign of free entrepreneurship. There are also upcoming changes in this field. The World Economic Forum is striving for a fourth Industrial Revolution, based on technology and a digital world. It is their aim to bring down the number of small and medium enterprises. With the upcoming square of Pluto to the NN in Aries, force and abuse of power may be used to push through plans. I am not at all a supporter of a digital, technological controlled society. But if you are an entrepreneur and with a view to the constellation in 2023 it may be wise to be well informed. Here’s a link: On the Agenda / Fourth Industrial Revolution | World Economic Forum

SUMMARIZING So in 2023 we see three luminaries that will have a big impact on our sense of self, our identity, and acting with free will: The North Node in Aries, Chiron in Aries and the Black Moon in Leo. These three luminaries are all subject to a process; from the dark or wounded phase to the light phase. Therefore 2023 can be a year of struggle with your sense of self and being a person in your own right. But at the same time it can be a challenge to go inside to determine yourself who you are and go beyond the fierce square of Pluto to the North Node in Aries. Much of the answer lies inside you. In a positive way 2023 may lead to a shift of consciousness in yourSelf. The bigger the pressure in the external world, the more we will discover the gold inside. That will be a topic for our next newsletter.