The Solar Eclipse of 10th June 2021 and the Babylonian confusion of today by Monique Leurink
8th June 2021

The Solar Eclipse of 10th June 2021 and the Babylonian Confusion of Today

The Solar Eclipse of 10th June is about COMMUNICATION AT EVERY LEVEL. The Eclipse is on 19.49 in Gemini at 03.52 am Pacific Time. 

A Solar Eclipse is like a super intense New Moon and is about new beginnings. A Lunar Eclipse, like the last one of 26th May, is about endings. 

Babylonian confusion

It is not difficult to see that we find ourselves in a sort of comeback of the story of the Tower of Babel and the Babylonian confusion. A famous story that tells of the people, who, after the Deluge at the time of Noach, spoke ONE language. They wanted to build one big city that would reach into heaven, known as the Tower of Babylon. But then the Babylonian confusion took place and their speech was ‘confound.’ They started to speak many languages and they could no longer understand each other. The word ‘babble’ is derived from it (Dutch: babbelen) 

The war on frequencies and information

There is a big difference between the clay tablets of that time and the communication of today. We go digital. We not only use speech but also images, movies, TV, photos and all that goes around on the internet. The Babylonian Confusion of today is a labyrinth of information in which you can easily get lost and that causes a lot of division and misunderstanding. A world of fake news and real news are fighting each other like two snakes to determine the perception of the mass. There is a silent war going on, a war of information. 

On top of that we live in a world of noise as never before. The decibels in daily life have never been so loud, wherever you go. It’s difficult to find a place of silence. In the media it is quite normal not to go too deep into subjects, the story must be quick, juicy and there is little or no respect for the interviewee who is interrupted more often than not in what he or she has to say. Today’s credo is: stay on the surface. Pictures and images can be no longer than 2 seconds on a screen. Quick, quick, quick! There is no time to let it sink in. 

Communication in its widest sense has reached an extremely high degree of pollution. Astrologically speaking, information, communication, teaching, the media, television and the internet is ruled by Gemini. The Solar Eclipse of 10th June is in Gemini that announces a new beginning in that field. 

But first a few words about the Lunar Eclipse of 26th May that was in Sagittarius and was about the ending of old belief systems and what many thought was true. You may have felt the power of the eclipse in your own personal way marked by the position it had in your chart. A Lunar Eclipse is about sudden ENDINGS and in Sagittarius it was about beliefs, thoughts, ideas, opinions and convictions. On a global level much of that has come to an end and dissolved in the cosmic ocean of the universe. It has cleared a lot of air in the collective consciousness to make space for the upcoming Solar Eclipse of 10th June as a beginning of new ways of communication. 

Powershot to new communication

The eclipse of 10th June is part of a very interesting constellation. It’s an irrevocable call of Gemini energy beckoning to new communication. Not only the North Node - that represents the collective purpose of us as mankind - is in Gemini, but also the Corrected Black Moon. In the eclipse chart the Black Moon, having reached her largest distance from Earth, is in Gemini and turns her back to the waste mountain of information on the globe. Mercury, the Moon, the Sun and the North Node in Gemini are the cavalry to help clear the Babylonian Confusion of today. Mercury, the Winged Messenger, is in Gemini in it’s own domain, and retrograde, meaning that the communicative energy is reflective and directed more inwardly. It is in inhalation as a pre phase for the exhalation when Mercury will go Direct again on 23nd June. This Solar Eclipse is not only a power shot to new ways of communication but also an opening to bring back silence, reflection and tranquility in communication. 

Information determines your perception

Gemini is also the sign of the media. With this eclipse we can expect the rise of new media platforms that I also spoke of at the Forecast for 2021 for AstrologyHub. The mainstream media, that has ruled the news for so long, will get serious competition from these new platforms. The mainstream media is mainly the reporter of BAD news. Accidents, murders, violence, deaths, crimes, rapes, you name it. Perhaps this eclipse will also be the birth of GOOD news in the many media channels and platforms that will arise. 

Saturn - the planet of structure and law - trines the North Node, which will help these media to come to new structures, forms and come under new legislation. 

Jupiter - the planet of growth and prosperity - and Neptune - the planet of mysticism and oneness - are both in Pisces, in their own domain. Pisces is the sign of silence, contemplation, reflection and meditation. This is a great help for you to withdraw from the noise, the information and disinformation of today and rise above the Babylonian confusion of today. Neptune is also the planet of movie and film. You can become the witness (Gemini) of what is happening in the outside world and stay detached at the same time. See the world as a movie. Be the observer. Realize that what you see is A reality but not YOUR reality. There are infinite realities! 

Neptune squares the New Moon in Gemini which on a lower level can be again a danger of false information and deceit. But there is no truth so true as that of your own heart. If you stay connected with your heart you are anchored in your own truth, whatever is proclaimed in the outside world. 

Castor and Pollux - the twin brothers - 

The inseparable twin brothers CASTOR AND POLLUX represent the Zodiac sign of Gemini. 

Castor was the mortal son of King Tyndarus, while Pollux was the immortal son of Zeus. Both Castor and Pollux, being identical twins, were inseparable in their looks and actions. Castor was a great horseman and Pollux was a great fighter. Together, they went with Jason on the Argo and saved the ship from a terrible storm. When Castor was killed in battle, Pollux pleaded with Zeus to bring him back. Zeus agreed to immortalize both Castor and Pollux, if they spend half of their time on the Earth and the other half amongst the stars in the heavens. One with his hand pointing to heaven and the other pointing to earth. 

What can the eclipse mean for you?

Gemini is a double sign. He speaks AND listens. He is the messenger of news, while he himself stays neutral, knowing that everyone has the right to think what he or she wants. This Eclipse is a call to honor this and to stay neutral in a divided world. 

You can embrace the power of silence and listen with attention, also to a 5-year-old child, to what it has to say. YOU decide what you wish to receive as information. It will determine your perception. Your thoughts are communication too, they are waves of energy so be aware of what you are broadcasting. This is a time to plant a new seed based on where the 19th degree of Gemini is in your chart. If the Eclipse is conjunct a planet then that planet is ready for a totally new beginning. It’s a good time to come into a state of meditative communication, turn your inner radio station to higher frequencies that make you feel good, pierce through the polluted density of information while you stay connected with the truth of your own heart.