The total Lunar Eclipse of 26th May 2021 by Monique Leurink
26th May 2021

The Total Lunar Eclipse of 26th May 2021

The Lunar Eclipse of 26th May is a super super Full Moon and a TOTAL eclipse, the most intense and spectacular Full Moon of this year. Super super ... because it is a TOTAL eclipse; Earth is exactly between the Moon and the Sun, blocking the Sun's rays from lighting up the Moon. And second, the Full Moon is conjunct Priapus because the Moon is now closest to Earth. Therefore her impact will even be more powerful. Lunar eclipses are about releasing The eclipse energy is fast as lightning and very intense. The eclipse is on 05.26 Sagittarius. See what is on this degree in your chart and see in what house the eclipse falls. The theme of this eclipse will trigger your VISION, your perception that you had so far in a certain field. If the eclipse happens in your sixth house, then your ideas about work and health will change. if it happens in your 4th house then your vision of domestic life and family will change. Etc.

This is about RELEASING any idea or vision that you had so far in that particular field that was in the shadow and is now coming to the light. It is about the way you have carried your truth so far in your heart as .... THE truth. But this is now about to change. Your belief system will no longer be the same and you may experience that the scales will fall from your eyes. You will start to see parts that you have never seen before, as if they emerge from the dark corners of your perception. Because of the intensity and fastness you will need flexibility of mind and heart to let go what needs to go and then very importantly to FOCUS ON NEW ENERGY in the house where the eclipse falls. When the 5th degree of Sagittarius, and some degrees before and behind it, are playing a special role in your chart because of the placement of a planet or then this eclipse will certainly have a great effect. The more exact, the more powerful the eclipse will work. Sagittarius is the sign of freedom, of travel and truth and of the way you SEE things. Your vision. These themes may turn your life upside down.

Eclipses are usually not easy to handle because they go so fast, but after a time you can see the deeper meaning. However, it is always a refreshing energy, certainly too to raise your energy to a higher frequency in the field where the eclipse falls in your chart. Jupiter, that rules the eclipse, squares both the Sun and the Moon and therefore may make the effect of it even bigger. This is an invitation to work with your vision and start to see this particular field in your life (where the eclipse falls) on a higher frequency. An invitation to new creation while you are following no other truth than that of your heart and see how you can manifest it. Especially the first decanes of the Fire signs, Aries, Leo and of course Sag are involved. Otherwise this eclipse will not affect you too much. But... in general we are all involved in creating New Earth and the process of new creation takes courage to step out of old patterns.