The Wise Old Man and The Magic Child by Monique Leurink
25th Nov 2022

The Wise Old Man - the Black Moon - and the Magic Child - the Black Sun -



In the natal chart of the USA the Black Sun is not only conjunct the fixed star Sirius, but it is also conjunct the Black Sun. In the chart the (white) Sun is at 13.19 Cancer, the Black Sun is at 13.20 Cancer and Sirius is 14.24 Cancer. An interesting constellation and it gives much more understanding of the collective soul of the American people.


Here below I give you first some technical details. If you don’t have a technical mind then skip this part and go down where you will find interpretations of the Black Sun.

Is the Black Sun the same as Sirius?

The Black Sun and Sirius are conjunct (almost at the same degree) but it is not correct to say that the Black Sun IS Sirius. Where celestial bodies make a conjunction their energies merge. But they are not the same. Sirius is a fixed star and the Black Sun is a metaphysical luminary, the point where the Sun (in the apparent orbit of the Sun) reaches his slowest speed and reaches the farthest position relative to the earth. 

First of all the Black Sun is one pole of the Solar Axis and immediately connected with the opposite pole: the Diamond. Sirius is not part of this axis.

Secondly, qualities of Sirius are passion, devotion, faithfulness, ardor, honor, resentment. These qualities cannot be attributed to the Black Sun, that I will generally describe further in this newsletter.

And thirdly the Black Sun is part of a quartet of luminaries: the opposite pole of the Black Sun is the Diamond, where the Sun in the apparent orbit reaches his closest position relative to Earth and assumes totally different solar qualities. But he is also connected with the Lunar Axis; Black Moon and Priapus for the simple reason that the rulers of Priapus (the opposite pole of the Black Moon) are Cancer and Aquarius and the Black Sun is in Cancer, so Priapus can pass on the energy from the Lunar Axis to the Solar Axis. As long as the Black Sun is in Cancer he will be connected with the Lunar Axis. Sirius is not part of this process of this quartet of luminaries.

The fixed star Vega and the Diamond

The fixed Star Vega is at 15.19 and is conjunct the Diamond that is at 13.20 Capricorn.

For the same reason as stated with the Black Sun we cannot say that Vega IS the Diamond, only because it is conjunct the Diamond. Qualities that are dedicated to Vega are for instance ideality, changeability, lasciviousness, seriousness, outwardly pretentious. Qualities that cannot be attributed to the Diamond.


There are three solar principles: the White Sun, the Black Sun and the Diamond and each of them has different qualities.

When the Sun reaches his furthest distance relative to Earth he becomes an Anti Sun and refuses everything that the White Sun represents.

The cycle of the Solar Axis is the slowest of our Solar System and progresses 9,200 years in one sign. It has a total cycle of 110,400 years. Therefore all the people now on Earth have the Black Sun on the 12th and 13th degree in Cancer and the Diamond is on 12th and 13th Capricorn. What makes the Solar Axis personal in the natal chart is its position in the houses.

The same goes for the Lunar Axis.

There are three Lunar principles: the White Moon (the Moon the way we know her), the Black Moon and Priapus and each of them has different qualities. At her furthest distance from Earth the Black Moon becomes an Anti Moon and refuses everything that the White Moon represents.


The Black Moon has taken on a face in many ways over the past decades. In the USA and beyond she has become known as Black Moon Lilith, an unfortunate and confusing amalgamation of two separate concepts that touch but also differ from each other. (I created a webinar about this. If you are interested please send us an email:

With regard to the astrological interpretation, the Black Moon is generally known as the Dark Feminine. But this only covers part of her totality and many people are unnecessarily stuck in this dark concept. The Dark Feminine is only a part of the whole process of the Black Moon, namely the first part that implies rejection and refusion. In fact the Black Moon is the starting point of the whole process on the Lunar Axis and Solar Axis. She represents an anti-birth of the flesh, which is the domain of the Moon. What she represents is another birth: the birthing process of your unique source wisdom into this world, a life process of which the opening phases can be followed in the natal chart.

LUNAR AND SOLAR AXIS: life processes

The Lunar and Solar Axis must be carefully studied in the natal chart and must be

be intertwined with the white contents: the planets from Moon to Pluto. Also aspects play an important role. Both axes represent life processes and go through a cyclic process that starts with the Black Moon to Priapus, from Priapus to the Black Sun, from the Black Sun to the Diamond and from the Diamond back to the Black Moon. There is no end to this process, unless you have reached complete consciousness on the Diamond. Hence Diamond Astrology.

We are all born at a time where the end game takes place now, the end of times; the so often prophesied power struggle between good and evil, between the universal divine and the dark forces.

THE USA IS A BLACK SUN COUNTRY, what does that mean?

The Black Sun is the primordial soup from which everything originates, including our Sun.

The Black Sun is an anti Sun and a luminary that decentralizes the light and power of the Sun. This gives an uninhibited spontaneity. The Black Sun is the child in the adult. It is the Magic Child. It gives a sense of the miraculous, and a mystical attitude that does not exclude extroversion. The decentralizing force can have several effects. If in the natal chart the Sun and/or totality of the Solar energy is weak then there is a risk of an implosion of the Ego. And the original self-identity of a country, i.e. We need a conscious feeling of self-identity before we can merge with the stardust ocean of the Black Sun, maintaining full consciousness of the I, the self or the Self. If not, this can lead to an implosion of the Ego. The Black Sun can cut away someone from his center, his Sun, and deprive him from the feeling of self-identity which creates an easy opening to dissolve and disappear into the massiveness of the collective. The Black Sun rules the collective.

When we look at the USA we know that the people are a melting pot of all kinds of cultures, peoples, nations. So many origins in one country! The American people cannot go back to one clear origin of their homeland. This can be a blessing, because from that position it is more likely to make a jump to their deeper origin: the cosmos.

Unconsciously or consciously … American people seem to wait for something. Something that comes from above, from the cosmos, the universe, the stars. Aliens, extraterrestrials are much more commonplace than they are in Europe i.e.

The Black Sun therefore is cosmic inspiration and leads into a mystical world, uplifting to the cosmos in a positive sense. The USA is a cradle of Black Sun energy, you can either disappear in the primordial soup of the Black Sun or arise from it. That depends on the solar consciousness of each individual.


The path to arise from the soup is the path to the other side of the Solar Axis: the Diamond. My father once said that he wanted to become a star. He was laughed at. But he was so right! Without knowing he was pointing at the Diamond! The path to the Diamond that can only be walked as an individual, not as a collective. From the countless readings that I was allowed to do with American people I noticed how far many are in their consciousness! The projected light of the Moon can less and less be divided anymore and becomes more and more absolute. Unlike the light of the Moon who, according to all the Moon phases in her orbit around Earth, divides the light of the Sun in so many shapes and forms, infinite shades of Moonlight, infinite projections therefore of the individual into the world. But all that projected Moonlight is not original light since it is borrowed light from the Sun. And therefore illusive.

Not being connected with the center, the origin, the Black Sun can lead to a makeable society, where everything is possible. From the American dream to the fantasy world of disney stories, films, to Hollywood where stars are made but not born and where a powerful film industry can create movies that have a global impact that determine the reality of millions.

The path to the Diamond is a gnostic path and cannot be walked but alone. It encompasses the path of life that every person will eventually go, but in the USA stands the cradle of stardust. The self-proclaimed elite holds the power structures of this world but it is an elite of a dying world. The new elite are those who arise from the at present corrupted primordial soup and walk the path to the Diamond to become fully awakened individuals. That takes courage, strength, internalization and presence of mind.

At the beginning of the evolutionary path of our Soul, it is still completely under the rulership of the Moon (the IC is ruled by Cancer). The path is a dance to higher and higher Lunar and Solar Consciousness and ends at the Diamond where the highest solar consciousness is achieved and we have become a heliocentric being. The 3D matrix of the collective world is a consciously created labyrinth by beings who call themselves gods and keep our souls imprisoned in an undermoon world, creating violence, wars, disaster, illness, pain and suffering to keep the human soul chained to the wheel of karma so that the infinite path of reincarnation on this planet will not stop and they can remain the crippled kings of earthbound and captured souls. The path to Diamond consciousness, that the chart can unfold in a general sense, will break that chain.

Transit Corrected Black Moon conjunct the Black Sun

The Corrected Black Moon is now conjunct the Black Sun which happens about every 7 to 9 years, since the Corrected Black Moon can both go Direct and Retrograde. In the natal chart this is of great importance but to be truly influential in transit, this conjunction needs a white luminary. Remember; the Black Luminaries are metaphysical luminaries and are each a derivative of the Sun, the Moon and Earth. The USA has the Sun at that place so the influence is most powerful there, but can spread out on a collective level.

The Black Sun/Diamond is an impersonal axis and refers to the global collective. The Black Moon/Priapus is a personal axis. When these two come together in transit then the people (on an mundane level the Black Moon) can refuse the corrupted collective (the Black Sun)


This can be a graced moment to stand up against corruption before Pluto will enter Aquarius on 24th March 2023 for the first time. Every planet in our Solar system has an archetypal energy. It depends on how the individual carries this energy in his/her consciousness. A mature and internalized Pluto is a grace to master the inner life and brings light into the shadow world, following the light of the divine will, a path that can only be reached through the darkness. An unconscious and ego attached Pluto is manipulative, destructive, imposes his will violently at the expense of others that eventually will destroy himself.

Because with Pluto entering Aquarius it will become decision time for your Soul. Pluto’s energy splits. You will HAVE to choose. Will you follow the divine will or will you follow the will of the rulers of the dark forces, the self- proclaimed harelipped kings that were never elected by the people and who want total power and control over your soul. This is the test of the end game, a historical test for your soul. Now we still have a sort of choice but when Pluto enters Aquarius you will HAVE to make a choice