Your Box and your Being by Monique Leurink
16th January 2022

Your Box and your Being

Your Personality or Box

Your Personality/Box is made out of beliefs, preferences, assumptions, expectations, reasons, conclusions, opinions, prejudices, perspectives, fantasies, values, memories, choices, projections, and so on, all made arbitrarily out of nothing. The purpose of your Personality/Box is to ensure the survival of your Ego Structure.

If you live your life most from your Box you will attract Box circumstances and relationships. Those relationships will keep you inside the Box and will make you less alive. It will usually keep you in child-level relationships of conditional love. 

Your Being or your Essential Self

Your Being wants to Be with what Is. At any moment. It brings you in a fluid state of present awareness. How does it move, feel, what is its shape? Being with another person's Being opens the door to intimacy and love and creates food that feeds your heart and your soul. It will make you alive, in the moment. It will lead you to mature relationships of unconditional love.

The heavyweight Saturn entered Aquarius on 18th December 2020 and will remain there till 6th March 2023. Saturn is the planet of order, law, restrictions, control, rules and legislation and Aquarius is the sign of freedom and truth. In the past few years our freedom was restricted and the truth was violated in many ways.